CLIPSO coverings are customizable and adaptable to any style, making them ideal for residential environments.

For both new construction and home renovations, CLIPSO® offers a world of options to transform your space and provide both style and function for your home. From innovative designs to specialty fabrics, custom printing, backlighting and acoustics, CLIPSO can help make your imagination a reality.

CLIPSO coverings are Class A fire rated, PVC, CMR and VOC-free, helping to make your home safer, cleaner and “greener.” The installation process is also safe, clean, fast and easy for a CLIPSO Certified Installer. CLIPSO is well-suited for any room of your house, including bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, home theatres, kitchens, living rooms, recreational rooms, stairways and indoor pools. Only CLIPSO can deliver such unlimited possibilities to make your home truly unique.