AEROCEILING is a brand new program rolled out by CLIPSO in 2015. AEROCEILING is a pre-assembled, suspended frame system used for decorative, acoustic and/or illumination purposes.

AEROCEILING can be delivered pre-assembled or “kitted” to your job site (for fast on-site assembly). AEROCEILING applications include ceiling clouds, torsion spring ceiling tiles/panels, wall frames, partitions and lightboxes.


Torsion spring ceiling tiles are the ultimate solution when access to the plenum is required. This removable panel system has become very popular, especially when using fluorescent lighting behind the panels.


Wall frames are an easy way to incorporate graphics and colour into your interior design. They can be functional by providing acoustic control or can be backlit for aesthetic purposes.


Ceiling clouds meet your aesthetic and acoustical needs with their durability, elegant appearance and sound-absorbing performance. Their noise reduction and reverberation control can help with any acoustical issue. Clouds can be illuminated for design purposes or can be used as the main light source for a room. They can be suspended parallel to the ceiling or at any other angle, thus significantly increasing the sound-absorptive surface area of each panel. CLIPSO will help you create stunning architectural features and elegant designs with ceiling clouds.


Partitions are a practical way to separate two areas of one room or isolate the sound of one area from another. Its decorative aspect is most appealing, especially in commercial and retail spaces where they are used for branding purposes.


Lightboxes can be used as the main light source of a room or as a decorative feature to create ambiance. AEROCEILING lightboxes can be adapted to integrate different types of lighting, including LEDs, fluorescent, etc.